Merry brushing

Highly innovative and intelligent, like Santa's sleigh navigation system. Healthy teeth aren't a matter of chance. It's all about the right care. GUM Smart One elevates your daily routine to a whole new level - with or without app support.

When life gives you lemons,
make sure your teeth are protected

Don't worry

Gentle InterDent+ bristles that let you know when it's time to change the brush head. Fresh replacements are delivered to your door regularly.

A toothbrush that gets it

Speed control for gum protection, handy timer vibrations, and a smart light ring that indicates if you've brushed all the areas in your mouth.

Spin & Shine

4 cleaning modes (from Clean to Ultra Sensitive) with tens of thousands of movements per minute for an incredible feeling of freshness every day.

Long-lasting battery for long-lasting smiles

Convenient power battery with up to 6 weeks of runtime. Perfect for every short getaway and long-term vacation.

Be A Smart One!

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Precison is smart

Time is easily measurable, but a good brushing results are a matter of thoroughness. Our revolutionary coverage monitor helps you not to forget any areas - without the need for an app.

  • For example, when the right light shines:
    The right outer surface has been cleaned adequately.
  • When all lights are lit:
    You can end the brushing session with a clean conscience

Grab yours

App & toothbrush - the perfect dental duo

Download the GUM Smart App for free on your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play or Apple Store.

Easily connect the brush via Bluetooth with the app.

Brush movements are transmitted to the technology via sensors for instant feedback.

Brushing sessions done without the app can be synchronized later.

Tooth be told - the app for all your needs

Detailled brushing statistics

Long-term statistics and comparison with other users for progress tracking.


Do you have questions?

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What is a sonic toothbrush?

In contrast to rotating/oscillating brushes, sonic toothbrushes clean through high-speed vibrations. This makes the GUM Smart One extremely thorough and 18 times more effective in cleaning interdental spaces than manual toothbrushes (Study in 2021 in Clean Mode for 3 minutes).

How does it work with the GUM Smart App?

Simply download the GUM Smart App for FREE from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) to your smartphone or tablet. Afterward, enable Bluetooth, and your toothbrush will automatically connect. Explore numerous fantastic features within the app.

Can I brush without the app?

Absolutely! The app is simply an additional feature to help you optimize your daily routine. The GUM Smart One offers numerous smart features even when offline, designed to improve your brushing results. Our standout feature is the Thoroughness Monitor, which not only tracks time but also ensures you've adequately cleaned all areas.

If you choose to use the app occasionally, your toothbrush stores your brushing progress for a full 6 months. This allows you to later transfer your data to the app's statistics and review your progress.

At what age is the GUM Smart One suitable?

We recommend the Smart One for ages 12 and up.

I have sensitive gums / wear braces / have other special needs, can I still use this toothbrush?

Absolutely! We've equipped the GUM Smart One with numerous features designed to address specific dental concerns. This includes an Ultra Sensitive cleaning mode and sophisticated pressure and speed control for individuals with sensitive teeth and gums. For those dealing with significant plaque buildup, the Clean cleaning mode and our 3D navigation technology can help ensure comprehensive mouth coverage. Braces wearers, too, can benefit from the personalized dental coaching. These and many more features have been developed to cater to your unique needs.

What do dentists say about the GUM Smart One?

The GUM Smart One was developed in collaboration with dentists from Austria, Germany, England, and Switzerland, in partnership with GUM®. The experts are particularly impressed with its outstanding cleaning performance* and smart app features!* *18 times more thorough compared to an ADA manual toothbrush in interdental spaces, Study 2021 in the 3-minute Clean Mode.