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Our smart toothbrushes combine tried-and-tested features with innovative technology. The GUM models have been specially designed for children and are particularly gentle on kids' teeth thanks to the extra soft bristles. Our unique toothbrushing app is designed to interactively guide even the youngest ones to develop a healthy routine.

Bluetooth connection

While our innovative models can be used as standalone toothbrushes, connecting them to our interactive app brings the ultimate brushing experience for your kids. Simply download the GUM Playbrush app for free from the App Store or Play Store, enable Bluetooth, and the app will automatically connect.

Individual feedback

The GUM Playbrush transfers your brushing movements in real-time to the coaching and gaming app, providing helpful tips for proper brushing. This creates a unique toothbrushing experience with instant feedback and personalised guidance, making it fun to prevent cavities through play.

What makes GUM Playbrush special

Recommended by dentists

We don't do things halfway! That's why we have developed our products in collaboration with dentists and tested their effectiveness through scientific studies and representative surveys.

  • Children brush their teeth 2 times longer and more regularly with Playbrush: Scientific study with Playbrush Smart, 2017. Playbrush was renamed to GUM Playbrush in 2023.

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The GUM Playbrush App serves as the initial gateway to explore the world of GUM Playbrush. Inside the app, you will discover a range of features including 13 toothbrushing games, a toothbrushing coach, real-time feedback, comprehensive brushing evaluations, and much more. These innovative features foster enduring motivation while enabling parents to consistently monitor their children's oral health.

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