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Interactive brushing coach

With the 3D denture visualization, children learn the COI method recommended by dentists in a playful way. Insufficiently cleaned areas are displayed and the need for improvement is illustrated.

13+ exciting toothbrushing games

Defeat monsters, paint pictures, and embark on many more adventures in the Playbrush Kids App. With 13 games featuring various levels and a multiplayer option in the full subscription version, there are plenty of exciting experiences waiting for you. To get started without a subscription, you can enjoy 4 free games.

Cleaning with a sense of achievement

Trophies & rewards ensure consistent cleaning & long-lasting motivation.

Detailed cleaning statistics & email report

Brushing statistics provide information on brushing time, regularity, and accuracy. Progress without app use is stored offline on the brush for 6 months & can be synchronised later with the cleaning evaluations in the Kids App.

Welcome to
the world of Dayo

In our fantastic bonus world 'My Buddy Dayo,' toothbrushing dragon Dayo becomes a virtual pet, waiting to be nurtured and cared for.

By brushing your teeth regularly with the app, you'll collect valuable Dayo coins. The more coins you collect, the more exciting and comfortable Dayo's life becomes. You can feed him, brush his dragon teeth, and dress him up in funny outfits.

Only available with premium-app-access.

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Endless gaming fun

Utoothia Paint

Transform your toothbrush into a brush and create vibrant artworks with your brushing movements. A variety of images, a colourful palette, and exciting trophies and statistics turn toothbrushing into a creative experience!

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