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sonic toothbrush

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Compatible with Android and iOS.

Gives everything for your health

Powerful cleaning

With over tens of thousands of movements per minute, GUM Smart One ensures effective cleaning and an incredible feeling of freshness every day. Equipped with 4 brushing modes, the cleaning performance can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.

Intuitive light and vibration feedback

Motion sensors provide feedback on speed to optimize brushing results, even without the app, and prevent cavities in the long term.

Instant brushing control

The smart LED ring indicates when each individual tooth surface has been thoroughly brushed, helping to prevent cavities in the long run.

What sets the GUM Smart One apart

Patented technology

Our innovative toothbrushes analyze brushing behavior and support the routine with targeted real-time feedback.

  • 84.9% of the testers found that the Playbrush Smart One X made daily toothbrushing easier: Oh!otd Survey, August 2021, 100 product testers. Playbrush was renamed to GUM Playbrush in 2023.

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With the GUM Smart App, you can effectively monitor and improve your brushing behavior in real time.

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