No more drama in the bathroom

Simply connect the toothbrush with the interactive app and off we go with motivating toothbrushing fun!

What makes
GUM Playbrush special?

More than just a game

Not just a video or timer: The GUM Playbrush toothbrush tracks the child’s brushing movements and that is used to guide the brushing games on the app.  The app teaches children to brush with the right technique, and once they brush correctly, they start to progress in the game. The result:

  • Children clean their teeth voluntarily*
  • Children brush 2x longer & more regularly*
  • Children brush more thoroughly around their mouth*

*Scientific Research with 115 children with Playbrush Smart, 2017 and with 150 families with Playbrush Smart Sonic, 2018. Playbrush was renamed to GUM Playbrush in 2023.

Making brushing fun and easy

Only those who clean correctly win! Brushing movements are tracked, transmitted to the app in real time, and you can only win if you brush correctly. Through interactive feedback from the toothbrushing coach, the child’s oral care routine can be further improved.