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In our FAQ you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services.

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What makes GUM Playbrush unique?

GUM Playbrush is not a video or timer, no GUM Playbrush is 100% interactive with the app. This means that the brushing movements are transferred to the app, so that children can control the games with their own brushing movements, while the sophisticated algorithm in the background can guide long enough and everywhere in the mouth to brush. Not only is this more fun, but according to studies, it also has a positive effect on dental health!

Who is GUM Playbrush for?

The GUM Playbrush products are for all those children who are starting to brush their teeth independently, find brushing their teeth a boring routine or want to improve their dental hygiene through play. Our tooth brushing games are specially designed for children between 3 and 12 years old.

What is the difference between GUM Playbrush KIDS 3+ and GUM Playbrush JUNIOR 6+?

The two models differ only in their brush heads. They are the same sonic toothbrushes with up to 17,000 movements per minute. The toothbrush features 2 brushing modes and measures pressure, position, duration, and regularity of brushing. The battery life lasts up to 8 weeks on a full charge. Available in blue and pink.

The brush heads of the GUM Playbrush KIDS 3+ are specifically designed for children under 6 years old, equipped with a toothpaste indicator and are extra small. The brush head of the GUM Playbrush JUNIOR 6+ is the successor to the Playbrush Smart Sonic attachments and is perfectly suited for children aged 6 and above, with an adjusted size.

Both brush head models have extra soft bristles, raised front bristles, and are compatible with the GUM Playbrush KIDS 3+, GUM Playbrush JUNIOR 6+.

What features are in the GUM Playbrush app?

✓13 games with different levels for long-lasting motivation
✓ Toothbrushing coach to learn the correct brushing technique
✓ Medals & Best Lists as a reward
✓ Brushing evaluations for parents to always keep an eye on the children's dental health
The basic version includes the tooth brushing coach, 4 games incl. levels & quick stats. The full version of the app includes a further 9 games and more detailed brushing assessments. The full version of the app is available together with practical replacement brush supplies within our all-round carefree set.

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